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Air America

Americal Division   Under the Southern Cross
        B Co. 123rd Avn. BnWarlords
 D Troop 1/1 Cav  Dragoons

1st Aviation BrigadeFirst in Vietnam
        HHC,1st Aviation Brigade    First in Vietnam
12th Combat Assault Group
        3/17th Cav
        A Troop     Silver Spurs (inop link)
        B Troop     Blackjack

        C Troop
D Troop 3/5th Air Cavalry  Light Horse
      17th AHC     Kingsmen,Lancers  (inop)
        18th CAC   Green Delta
        25th CAC   Red Carpet
        48th Assault Helicopter Company    Bluestars, Jokers
        57th Assault Helicopter Company   Gladiators
        57th Medical Detachment (Helicopter Ambulance)   Dustoff
        59th CAC    Red Cloud
        60th AHC   Ghost Riders
        61st Assault Helicopter Company     Lucky Stars and Starblazers  
        62nd AML  Outlaws, Mavericks
        62nd CAC    Royal Coachman
        68th AML  Top Tigers, Raiders
        68th Assault Helicopter Company   Top TigersRED-X'd
        68th Assault Helicopter Company   Top Tigers(Photos), Raiders
        71st Assault Helicopter Company   Rattlers and Firebirds
        4/77th ARA
        92nd Assault Helicopter Company   Stallions and Sidekicks
       114th Assault Helicopter Company    Red Knights/White Knight/Cobras
        116th Assault Helicopter Company   Hornets / Yellow jJackets / Wasps / Stingers
        117th Assault Helicopter Company   Beachbums /Warlords / Annie Fannies / Pink Panthers /     Sidewinders
        118th Assault Helicopter Company   Thunderbirds / Choppers / Bandits
        119th Assault Helicopter Company    Gators & Crocs
        120st Assault Helicopter Company    Razorbacks / Deans
        121st Assault Helicopter Company    Vikings - Soc TrangTigers
        128th Assault Helicopter Company    Tomahawks / Gunslingers / Witchdoctor
        129th Assault Helicopter Company   Bulldogs & Cobras
        132nd ASH   Hercules
        134th Assault Helicopter Company   Demons/Devils
        135th Assault Helicopter Company   Emus / Taipans
        145th Combat Aviation Battalion
        147th Aviation Company   Hillclimbers     
        155th Assault Helicopter Company    Stagecoach and Falcons
        159th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion  Liftmaster
        159th Medical Detachment (Helicopter Ambulance)
        161st Assault Helicopter Company   Pelicans and Scorpions
        162nd Assault Helicopter Company    Copperheads & Vultures
        170th Assault Helicopter Company   Bikini's / Buccaneers
        173rd Airborne Brigade    Casper Aviation Platoon   
        173rd Assault Helicopter Company   Robin Hoods & Crossbows
        173rd Assault Helicopter Company   Robin Hoods & Crossbows
        174th Assault Helicopter Company    Dolphins/Sharks
        175th Aviation Company (AML)      Outlaws & Mavericks
        175th Aviation Company (AML)      Outlaws
        175th Aviation Company (AML)      Mavericks
        176th Assault Helicopter Company     Minuteman/Muskets
        178th ASHC and 400 TC Company   The Boxcars    
        179th Assault Support Helicopter Company    The Boat Dock  / Shrimpboats  
         180th Assault Support Company    Big Windy     RED-X'd
        187th Assault Helicopter Company   Blackhawks, Crusaders, Rat pack
        187th Assault Helicopter Company   Blackhawks, Crusaders, Rat pack
        188th Assault Helicopter Company    Black Widows and Spiders
        189th AHC & 604th Trans. Det.    Ghostriders and Avengers
        189th AHC & 604th Trans. Det.    Ghostriders and Avengers
        190th  AHC    Spartans, Gladiators
        191st Assault Helicopter Company   Boomerangs and Bounty Hunters
        192nd Assault Helicopter Company   Tigersharks and Polecats
        192nd Assault Helicopter Company   Tigersharks and Polecats
        195nd Assault Helicopter Company   Skychiefs / Thunderchickens / Ghost Riders
196th Assault Helicopter Company    Flippers
196th Light Infantry Brigade    Chargers
        197th AHC    Gangbusters, Playboys
        200th Assault Support Helicopter Company  Pachyderms 
        201st CAC    Red Barons       
        203rd ASH   Wildcats
        205th Assault Support Helicopter Company    Geronimos  
        213th Assault Support Helicopter Company(Numba2)   Blackcats   
        213th Assault Support Helicopter Company(Numba2)   Blackcats    RED-X'd
        235th  AWC    Delta Devils

        238th Aerial Weapons Company    Gunrunners
        240th Assault Support Helicopter Company   Greyhounds/Maddogs/Kennel Keepers
        LZ ofthe 240th AHC
        242nd Assault Support Helicopter Company   Muleskinners   
        243nd Assault Support Helicopter Company   Freight Train     RED-X'd
        271st Assault Helicopter Company    Innkeepers & Bartenders
        272nd ASH
        273rd HH    Super Hook
        281st Assault Helicopter Company    Intruders, Ratpack, Bandits, Wolfpack
        281st Assault Helicopter Company Association   Intruders
        282nd Assault Helicopter Company    Blackcats, Alley cats
        334th AWC  Sabers, Playboys, Raiders, Dragons

        335th Assault Helicopter Company    COWBOYS, Falcons
        336th Assault Helicopter Company  WARRIORS, Thunderbirds
        355th HH     Workhorse
        361st Aviation Company (Escort)     Pink Panthers 
        362nd Aviation Company    Fly United!    
        478th HH  Hurricane

1st Aviation Battalion,1st Inf Div:     Above the First
1st CAVALRY DIVISION Association.-   & The FirstTeam!
      Silver Wings of the CAV   Newsletter
      1st Bde, 1st CAV    The Flying Circus
      1st of the 9th CAVALRY, 1st CAVALRY DIVISION (Airmobile)   Bullwhip Squadron
        A,1/9th    Apache Troop
        B,1/9th    Bravo Troop
        C,1/9th    Charlie Troop
        E ,1/9th     Echo Troop
        F,1/9th    F Troop 

     11th Aviation Group  

    E Battery (Aviation),82nd Artillery 1st Air Cavalry 1965-1966 

     2/20 ARA 1 CAV & F/79 CAV ---     BlueMax
    A Btry
    B Btry
    C Btry

    Bty F/77th ART
    Bty F/79th ART

     227th Assault Helicopter Battalion   Pouvoir
        Alpha Company            Chickenman
       Bravo Company -          The Good Deal Company
       Charlie Company -        Ghost Riders
       Charlie Company -        Snakes
       D Company           El Lobo   
    228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion     WingedWarriors(1)   
      A Company         Wildcats   
      B Company         Long Horns   
      C Company        "What more can we do?"  
        Guns-A-Go-Go (Jim Ketcham's site)   
Frank White's site)  
  229th Assault Helicopter Battalion   Winged Assault
    A Company      Load Hackers
    B Company    Killer Spade
   C Company  
   D Company     Smiling Tigers    

   478th Aviation Company (Heavy Lift)

7th Armored Squadron 1st Air Cavalry  Blackhawks 

1st Infantry Division,1st Aviation Battalion   Big Red One

1st Infantry Diviaion 1/4 Cav Quarter Cav

1st Inantry Division, A Troop, 1st Squadron/4th cavalry   Quarterhorse
1st Infantry Division, D Troop (air) 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry  Darkhorse / Mustangs
F Troop (Air) 4th Cavalry   Centaur
H Troop/ 10th CAV, RVN 1972
4th Infantry Division 4th Aviation "The Ivy Division"  Blackjacks and Gamblers

 D Troop 1st/10th Cavalry

F Troop - 8th Cav    Blueghost
F Troop - 8th Cav   Blueghost site#2

9th_Avn_Bn_9th ID   

H Troop 10th cavalry Regiment

Air Cav Troop 11th Armored Cavalry    Thunderhorse 

A trp. 2/17th Air Cav.    Assault
B trp. 2/17th Air Cav.    Banshee
3/17th ACR Association
C Troop (Air) 16th Cav Darkhorse
D Troop - 3/5th Cav & C-Troop 3/17Cav --

25th Aviation Battalion

25th Infantry Division,D troop 3/4th Cavalry Centaurs

3rd/4th Cav 25th Inf. Div.   Centaurs

52 Avn Bn and 119th Avn Co    Dragons
52d CAB & Camp Holloway Assoc..    Flying Dragons
57th Medical Detachment "DUSTOFF!"

D/101st Assault Helicopter Battalion  Hawks


101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)     Screaming Eagles
101st Airborne Division Association    ScreamingEagles
    A Company, 101st   COMANCHEROS!
    B Company, 101st   KINGSMEN!
   C Co 101st Aviation     Black Widows and Spiders
    D Co 101st Aviation  HAWKS   

A Co.158th Avn. 101st Abn.    Ghost Riders
   B Co.158th Avn. 101st Abn.    Lancers
   C Co.158th Avn. 101st Abn.    Phoenix
 HHT, 2nd Squadron 17th Cavalry

A Troop 2/17th Cav Assault
B Troop 2/17th Cav Banshee

C Troop 2/17th Cavalry  Condors

390th Transportation Detachment

478th HH   Hurricane
498th Air Ambulance Company
A/501st Aviation Battalion     RATTLERS and FIREBIRDS
539th Transportation Co.

HA(L)-3   Seawolves
HC-7    Seadevils
DET-8    SeawolfRED-X'd



HMM-163    Ridge Runners

HMM-164   Yankee Tango

HMM-165    White Knights

HML-167    Warriors
HMM-261   Raging Bulls  
HMM-262   Old Tigers

HMM-263    The Thunder Eagles>

HMH-361   Flying Tigers-
HMM-362   Ugly Angels 

HMM-363   Lucky Red Lions

HMM-364 The Purple Foxes 

HMM-365   The Magnificent Flying Circus.
HML-367    Huey Slicks/Cobras

HMA-369    Pistol Pete
Pennant Day, Dimmer, Pineapple

VMO-2        The Angry Two>

White Hat Airlines  Aircofat  


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